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Does it deflate? 

Yes, it can both inflate and deflate. The auto-off function turns the pump off when target pressure is reached when inflating. When packing up the deflation function will make deflating quick & easy.


What is the maximum size SUP board this pump can fill?

We recommend to inflate the paddle board within 400L with H3 or C7 valve.


Does the hose or hose adaptor fit a C7 valve?

Yes, it comes with C7 & H3 valve.


Can it be used for other inflatables such as an air mattress?

Absolutely. It is a great pump/deflator and comes with a variety of adapters different applications.


Is this product safe to use?

The Blowfish high pressure electric air pump has the certifications of CP65 and CE,it comes with premium high temperature resistance and Eco-friendly material.


Does it have cord to plug in to a electrical outlet?

It comes with a 12 volts vehicle accessory plug end.


How long is the 12v cord?

Its bout 10ft.


Is it product durable enough for long-term use?

Works well to blow up a kayak and 2 SUP.